Is Psychiatric Therapy Different From Talking To A Friend?

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The first thing that you do when you are having a bad day or tough time is to talk to a friend. Most people choose friends as opposed to their family members because talking to a friend is much easier. Friends can provide you the needed comfort and support without overwhelming you.

Some people feel that talking to a friend is better than talking to a therapist. However, therapists ate more capable and trained to help you out with your problems. If you are suffering intensely, then it is time to search for psychiatric services in fayetteville, ar.

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If you are confused about whether to talk to a friend or a therapist, then certain considerations can help you make your decision.

Therapists Are Professionals

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that therapists are qualified and trained to solve your problems. Your friend can provide you with moral support, but they may be incapable of providing you with a solution. They will not be able to understand the complexity of your emotions like the therapist will.

Therapists Are Unbiased

The main objective of a therapist is to show you the right way. In this process, they may even make some decisions that you may not like. The whole process will be completely unbiased, which will not be in the case of a friend.

Your friend will take decisions keeping your present emotions in mind and not the outcome. This could lead to many wrong decisions, as well.

Therapists Follow Confidentiality

You may not want your problem to be known to other people. You can completely trust your therapist since they follow strict confidentiality. However, your friend may unknowingly let someone know about your problem.


Talking to a friend is good till the time you are facing small daily life problems. However, for more complex situations, you must reach out to a professional source who can give you a permanent and better solution.