How To Deal With Customer Support

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There is nothing worse than having to get on the phone, wait on hold and then have someone from customer support struggle with trying to get you taken care of.  For many people, they want to have their issues taken care of as quickly as possible and having to wade through person after person is something that they don’t look forward to.

When it comes to our medication, this is an area that needs to be done correctly and without errors. If we have issues with rx customer support it could mean that we don’t get our medications on time, it could be the wrong medication or something totally unknown.  If you are someone who deals with medications and other components, here are some tips that you will want to follow.

Call early

Don’t wait till the last minute if you have had a problem in the past or if you are working with a new company.  For example, my wife was working with one medical provider and had to change because they weren’t getting her meds correct.  Now that she has a new provider she is still trying to get all of the bugs worked out and as a result needs to be on the phone with customer support several times a week.

Be polite

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Understand that you are dealing with third party people on a computer.  They can only access information that is presented to them and they can’t make miracles happen.  One of the biggest issues with doing customer support is that people don’t know what you are doing or what issues you are dealing with as a support agent.  So as a customer, try to be patient and deal with them as humans.  If you can’t get something done with the person you are talking to, ask for a supervisor who will have additional access and abilities to do things general agents don’t.